The Benefits of choosing Linles

Local Accountants

Whilst we can (and do) act for businesses directly over the internet/via email, we also like face to face like any local accountant. However, unlike many local accountants we prefer to come out to you whenever possible. This helps us get to understand your business better, and means you have less time away from work… it’s one of the benefit of choosing Linles as your local accountant.

Business Knowledge

You can rely on having access to business advice that is relevant to your business as, unlike the majority of accountants, we have real life experience of building businesses outside of the accountancy profession.


When you run a small (or medium) sized business you can never tell just whats around the corner… we know that office hours are not always when you need our advice, so we open later and give you a mobile number to call upto 7pm if you need to.


As well as being able to get with us when you need to, we are also flexible enough to handle any urgent matters you may have… need wages run early because you are going away?… no problem: want us to attend an urgent meeting with the bank… if we can we will.

No hidden charges or big bills

Your cashflow benefits from paying us via fixed monthly payments on Direct Debit, and because our fees are fixed in advance wherever possible, you can budget ahead and you can include almost unlimited advice in that payment… giving you the confidence to get in touch whenever you need to without having to worry about getting a big bill as a result.

Experience & Reputation

We have been helping businesses improve profits, reduce tax and generally do better for over 20 years and many of our clients have come to us directly as a result of being recommended by existing clients. When you choose Linles you can be secure in the knowledge that you not only have an accountant that understands the problems your business may face, but also has the knowledge and experience to help you through them.

Down to earth & jargon-free

We believe it is important to give our clients advice that is easy to understand, and with our experience we can often provide the answer before you have worked out the question. We prefer you to treat us as a knowledgable friend rather than a suit behind a desk.

We are dedicated to providing you with the best service we can, and we've been helping business owners for over 20 years, but don't just take our word for it, here are some of our clients comments…

"Excellent value for money, is always on time and has a detailed knowledge not just within business accountancy but also in other related matters. I would highly recommend"

"gone above and beyond in every regard"

“helped us double our profits in just over a year”

"I am completely impressed"

“As a small business we were looking for an accountant who

would not only do the books, but someone who would advise us

on all areas - that is exactly what we found in [Linles]”

See more testimonials on our testimonial page.

As a large proportion of our clients come directly from recommendations, our level of service is not just part of our business, its the glue that holds it together - thats the Linles service.

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Wherever you are…

Whatever your business…

We provide the help you need


Linles is run on the Quaker principles of honesty, integrity, openness and fairness. Whether you are a start-up business, growing or already a success…

we have the experience and knowledge to help make life easier.